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             Comments in:            Science 2007 316:957 “Editor’s Choice”
Science’s STKE “Editor’s Choice”
Faculty of 1000: “Recommended”


Kim PM, Lu LJ, Xia Y, Gerstein MB. Relating three-dimensional structures to protein networks provides evolutionary insights. Science 2006 314: 1938-41. [PDF] [Supplement Website]

             Comments in:             Faculty of 1000: “Exceptional paper”
Science. 2006 314: 1882-1883
Nature Genetics 2007 39:151
C&E News Jan 2007

Yip KY, Yu H, Kim PM, Schultz M, Gerstein M. The tYNA platform for comparative interactomics: a web tool for managing, comparing and mining multiple networks. Bioinformatics 2006 22: 2968-70 [PDF] [Webserver]

pre 2006

Kim PM (2003) “Understanding Subsystems in Biology through Dimensionality Reduction, Graph Partitioning and Analytical Modeling”, Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kim PM, Tidor B. Limitations of Quantitative Gene Regulation Models: A Case Study. Genome Res 2003 13: 2391-2395 [PDF]

Kim PM, Tidor B. Subsystem Identification through Dimensionality Reduction of Large-scale Gene Expression Data. Genome Res 2003 13:1706-1718 [PDF]

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