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Features in the press about our work:

About our Lee* et al. 2023 Nature Computational Science paper on the first score-based generative (diffusion) model for de novo protein design:

AI system can create novel proteins using generative diffusion - Medical News

University of Toronto researchers use generative AI to design novel proteins -

Researchers use generative AI to design novel proteins -

Toronto researchers utilize AI to create novel proteins - Mirage News

Also many otherr places, including a total 14 press articles, UofT News, Temerty News, Donnelly News and The Economist.

About our Nim*, O'hara* et al. 2023 Nature Communications paper on developing a new protein-protein interaction inhibitor that shows promise for treatment of Parkinson's Disease:

New Potential Parkinson’s Disease Target Identified - G&EN News

Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target in Parkinson's disease - Medical Express

Novel Therapeutic Target for Parkinson’s Disease Identified - Technology Networks

Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target in Parkinson's disease - Science Daily

Also many other places, including a total of 17 press articles and UofT News.

About our Ishikawa*, Abdin* et al. 2023 Nature Biotech paper on designing Zinc Finger proteins using deep learning:

Model transforms zinc finger design into 'push-button' technology - Bioworld

New zinc finger model shows promise for gene therapy - EurekAlert

Zinc Finger Design AI Tool Opens Door to Large-Scale Gene Therapies - G&EN News

New AI Tool Makes Speedy Gene-Editing Possible - AP News

And many others, a total of 85 press articles and UofT News, Temerty News and Donnelly News.

About our Valiente el al. 2021 J Med Chem paper on designing mirror image peptide as potential covid-19 therapeutics:

Ontario researchers create chemical compounds that can neutralize COVID-19, some variants - CTV News / CTV Your Morning

U of T researchers discover a new way to take on COVID-19.  - Toronto Star

Toronto researchers create mirror-image peptides that can neutralize SARS-CoV-2 - EurekAlert

Donnelly Centre investigators create mirror-image peptides capable of neutralizing Sars-CoV-2 - Donnelly Centre news

U of T researchers create mirror-image peptides that can neutralize SARS-CoV-2 - U of T News

About our Strokach et al. 2020 Cell Systems paper on deep learning based protein design:

A Sudoku-Solving Algorithm Holds Promise for Protein Medicine - PhysOrg News

Sudoku-inspired deep graph neural networks solve protein design - Faculty of Medicine News (and Donnelly Centre news)

Deep learning based protein design - EurekAlert

About our Garton et al. 2018 PNAS paper on mirror image peptides:

Protein mirror images could generate long-lasting biologics - Chemical and Engineering News

Mirror Image Compounds Could Help Drugs Last Longer - Futurism

U of T scientists create mirror-image molecules to develop better medicines - U of T News

Mirror Image Peptides Seen as Promising Therapeutics - Biocompare

Through the looking glass: New mirror-image molecules could lead to better medicines - ScienceDaily

About our Sun, Seo et al. 2016 Science Adv paper on integrated protein engineering:

A more powerful way to develop therapeutics - U of T News

Computer aided protein engineering - Faculty of Medicine News