MUSI (MUltiple Specificity Identifier)

MUSI is a tool for uncovering multiple peptides and nucleic acids binding specificities from sequence data. MUSI provides a simple interface for processing short peptides or nucleic acid sequence data. Starting from a set of sequences observed to bind to a given target, it automatically generates an optimal number of motifs based on the different specificity patterns present in the data.

The general workflow of MUSI

System Requirement

Currently, MUSI works only on Mac OSX and Linux

This Mac release of MUSI requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later. LaTeX is required if you would like to generate a PDF document containing tables of all the output sequence logos.


You can download the beta version of MUSI from this link:

Mac version - MUSI (MUSIHelp)

Linux version - musilinux

Here are some sample data for users to get familiar with MUSI

Peptide example (Src) - click here to download

Genomic example (Smad3) - click here to download


For feedback and bug reports, please email.

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